About Us

I looked up at airplanes before I ever piloted one. I started in the airlines by throwing your bags in the bins of aircraft, holding your baby while you collapsed the stroller in the jet bridge, and, of course, making sure the puppies in the hold had plenty of water and cuddles.

In the 1980s, I used to take walks with my grandfather to KAIY, Bader Field, in Atlantic City, pushing my favorite baby doll in its pink stroller. We would watch the planes take off and land. My parents told me I could do anything. But I never got the idea to become a pilot. That is our opportunity, today. It’s not that girls think they can’t do something. It is our responsibility to show them they can and to celebrate not just what each woman does, but who she is and what she is capable of.

Flying is an analogy for living. One Plane Jane is for those who want to fly and for those who want to live.

Flying teaches us perspective. It teaches us teamwork, requiring us to listen to even those we cannot see. It teaches us to focus, to scan, to cross reference, and to communicate. It teaches us to adapt, to make decisions, and to lead. Pilots are leaders. Though you don’t have to be a pilot to be a leader. 

Angee is a leader for having founded One Plane Jane, creating products to empower women, inspired by female aviators. I am honored to call her a friend and humbled to step into the role of leader and owner of One Plane Jane. I look forward to the opportunities to serve you, to serve our communities with you, to hug you, and to reach a hand back to the next generation of women to pull them up with us. 

Next time, when you see a little girl looking at an airplane, bend down and tell her she can do that too, if she wants. 

Let’s continue the adventure. Wishing you blue skies and tailwinds, in both directions!

Christine Hannon



Hello, adventurers!

My name is Angee Cozik and I am the creator of One Plane Jane, a lifestyle brand inspiring women to explore their adventurous spirit and look good while doing it.

Our adventure started when I earned my private pilot certificate.  I really wanted a nice flight bag – one that says, “Yes, I fly. Yes, I like nice things. And yes, I am a woman.”  This bag didn’t exist.  With a little inspiration from my fellow female aviators, One Plane Jane took flight.

YOU inspired me. Your love for the sky, airplanes, flying, travel, and adventure – it’s what brought this company to life. One Plane Jane was created and soon after, we had our first handmade leather bag: the ALPHA Pilot Tote.

After some initial testing, we quickly realized the need for a brand that represents the strength, independence, and adventurous spirit of ALL women – whether you’re a pilot, world traveler, business woman, stay-at-home mom… whatever your heart desires. We, You & Me, needed a brand to represent all of us.

Since then, One Plane Jane has quickly grown into being an empowering support system for not only pilots but women everywhere, from all walks of life.

At the heart of it all, we are a small business just trying to bring a smile to every woman’s day, ignite her curiosity, encourage her spirit, and give her the extra little push she needs to make all her dreams come true. #letsadventuretogether

Blue Skies Ahead!