• EAA Airventure Oshkosh Press Release

    One Plane Jane Takes Flight   A Lifestyle Brand Inspired by Female Adventurers    One Plane Jane is a brand of current apparel, bags, and accessories designed for women and inspired by the aviation industry. More than just a t-shirt shop, One Plane Jane is taking on the status quote in aviati... View Post
  • Olivia Yancey - Women Making History Runner Up

    Olivia Yancey, Runner Up for our Women Making History contest, is a voice for Alaskan children with disabilities and always sees the good in people. View Post
  • Time For Some Sun n' Fun

    We're gearing up for a fun-filled week of enjoying everything aviation has to offer in the heart of Florida: airshows, airplanes, helicopters, educational forums, expos + more! One Plane Jane will be at Sun n'Fun soaking it all in and helping to make your time there more enjoyable. We can't wait ... View Post