Centerline Windbreaker


Live on the Edge, Land on the Centerline.

Unleash Your Confidence with the Centerline Windbreaker Jacket by One Plane Jane: Elevate Your Style in Every Journey!

For our fearless female aviators and travelers, we present the ultimate blend of style and resilience – the Centerline Windbreaker Jacket. This statement piece is more than just outerwear; it's a symbol of empowerment, designed to reflect your unwavering spirit and determination.

Exceptional Features for the Modern Aviatrix

  • Adventurous Design:

The spirited "Live on the Edge, Land on the Centerline" print on the back resonates with your bold choices and impeccable precision in every journey. Paired with the subtle One Plane Jane logo on the front, this windbreaker is your statement piece for high-flying style.

  • Ready for Every Sky:

Engineered to withstand diverse weather conditions, our Windbreaker Jacket is your trusty companion in the air and on the ground. Stay poised and stylish, whether you're facing unexpected drizzles or embracing the wind during your explorations.

  • Luxurious Comfort, Unyielding Protection:

Soft to the touch yet impervious to the elements, experience the luxury of comfort with the assurance of waterproof functionality. Navigate the skies and streets without compromising on your distinctive style.

  • Lightweight Freedom with a Hood:

Crafted for the active lifestyle of a female pilot and traveler, the lightweight design allows unrestricted movement. The hood adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring you stay ready for anything – be it a spontaneous flight or an exploration of new horizons.

  • Seamless Fusion of Adventure and Style:

Our Windbreaker Jacket effortlessly marries adventure with style, allowing you to express your unique flair while embracing the functionality needed for your dynamic lifestyle.

Embark on your next adventure with unbridled boldness, knowing that the Centerline Windbreaker Jacket has your back. Elevate your style, express your adventurous spirit, and let the world witness the strength of a woman who dares to soar.

Gear up for the thrilling journey – Because Living on the Edge has never looked so stylish!

Tech Specs:

  • Interior water resistant coating .
  • Waterproof Pressure Resistance 600 mm
  • Matte finish eyelets and zippers. 4 zipper with zipper pull and rubber zipper pull tab.
  • Reversed zipper tape.
  • Fine mesh hood liner. Three panel hood.
  • Scuba neck. Self neck tape.
  • Welt pockets with mesh pocket bags.
  • Locker loop in center back.
  • Tightening toggle at waistband.
  • Elastic cuffs.
  • Tear away neck label

Care:  Machine wash cold, inside-out. Tumble dry low. Do not dry clean. Do not iron.

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