• The 7 Percent

    These seven little girls represent 7% of pilots in the world who are female.   Travel Journalist Madison is quick to confirm in the first 30-seconds of the video, “Not everybody thinks girls can be a pilot, BUT WE CAN.” Three of these girls are the daughters of One Plane Jane Ambassador and De... View Post
  • Higher Learning - Story of a First Solo

    The only thing better than laughter is sharing a lesson in utter silence, a demonstration of listening necessary for any true communication and learning. Francis worked hard. She listened. She chose calmness. She was rewarded with the sound of only the aircraft making contact with Earth. Her ins... View Post
  • First Love Yourself - An Interview with Our Founder, Angee

    Only 7.01% of pilots are women, according to the FAA's Aeronautical Center (31 December 2017 data). That number drops to 4.38% for Airline Transport Pilots. Last year, when I was working on a travel and lifestyle blog, I asked Angee if I could interview her. We talked about flying and family a... View Post