• How Much Does Plane Ownership Really Cost?

    Faith Hooper Instagram: @faith_hooper I am fairly new to aviation - I had never been in a single engine plane until my discovery flight in 2019 and I didn’t know anyone who owned a plane. I had always assumed those that owned airplanes were millionaires. And while that very well may be the... View Post
  • Pilot Interview with Mona, One Plane Jane Scholarship Recipient

    In 2020, One Plane Jane offered its first flight training scholarship. We received over 60 applications and, after careful review, a committee of six selected Mona as the recipient. We asked Mona to share a bit of her story with our community.  Thank you to everyone who donated, applied, and ... View Post
  • How to Pay for Flying (and other jobs that involve playing with airplanes): Aviation Scholarships

    UPDATED September 2020. Thank you to Ambassador Chapter 99s member Emily Kruse for getting this list started, two years ago. Last year, the ever-lovely Pilot Annie also just posted a blog with some more details about some of these scholarships. We have another blog post with scholarship tips and ... View Post