women's empowerment

  • Gaining Altitude -Our First Aviation Scholarship

    We are raising money for flight training scholarships for women in aviation and for a new non-profit to offer an innovative, online K-12 STEAM education program, connecting schools and clubs with leaders in aviation. We are climbing so that others can fly! February 20,... View Post
  • FLY Fit Team

    You’re invited! To First Love Yourself and invest in your health by joining our FLY Fit Team!  This is a completely new program to One Plane Jane, launching January 2020. Enrollment will be available in January, April, July and October (program will change for each cycle, so you may participate y... View Post
  • Destination Inspiration: Essay Contest

    EDIT: This will be delayed, likely until Women’s History Month, but feel free to make a long term project out of it with your children. Meanwhile, it’s scholarship season. See next post! This one’s for the girls. The little girls. The older girls. And their brothers too. This back to school sea... View Post