• The Airplane is the Adventure - Pilots are Leaders Part IV with Aviatrix Emmy

    Emmy Dillon is a Jane of All Trades. She shows us that you can be and do more than one thing. Read her story in part four of our blog series, "Pilots are Leaders."   Tell us about yourself I’m Emmy - I’m just a plane girl (pun fully intended); self-proclaimed nerd and avgeek. I’m a corporate pilo... View Post
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    Our Women´s History Month series,  ¨Pilots are Leaders,¨ continues with Anna Rusinowski, often recognized as Pilot Annie. Annie is a pilot in Canada, working on her commercial license and giving back to her community! Here is her story! Tell us about yourself. My name is Annie, and I’m a Private ... View Post
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    Part 2 of our "Pilots are Leaders" series continues with military and commercial pilot, Nikki Bodie. We hope you are enjoying our celebration of Women's History Month! If a mile of runway will take you anywhere, imagine the impact a pilot can have on our communities, anywhere she lands.      Tell... View Post