Destination Inspiration: Essay Contest

EDIT: This will be delayed, likely until Women’s History Month, but feel free to make a long term project out of it with your children. Meanwhile, it’s scholarship season. See next post!
This one’s for the girls. The little girls. The older girls. And their brothers too. This back to school season, One Plane Jane is hosting its first essay contest for children, ages 7-16, to learn about and be inspired by the world of aviation. Children will pick one of the follow essay topics and write a 300-500 word essay and upload it online by 21 September. Parental permission is required and all details are on the onine form..
  • If you had one plane ticket to make the world a little better, where would you go? What would you do?
  • Your family is hosting a foreign exchange student and this trip will be her first time on an airplane. Write a letter to her, welcoming her before she arrives. 
  • Beryl Markham learned to fly in her late 20s, in Kenya. In 1936, at the age of 33, she became the first women to fly east to west across the Atlantic and to do it solo. A professional pilot, horse trainer, and writer, Beryl was known and is remembered as an adventurer. Describe a time when you were adventurous.
  • You’ve just found a magical paper airplane. What happens when you fly it?
  • Think of a major worldwide problem. How can aviation help solve that problem?


All participants will receive a free digital download aviation activity ebook. There will be several prizes for the winners to be revealed throughout the month.

Click here to submit an essay. Contest upon to any children, ages 7-16 with parent/guardian permission. Contest ends 21 September 2019. Winners announced on or around 5 October 2019.

5 October 2019 is Girls in Aviation Day. Click HERE to find an event near you. And check out our newest products, for which 100% of the profits will go towards funding GIAD Madrid.

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