First Love Yourself - An Interview with Our Founder, Angee

Only 7.01% of pilots are women, according to the FAA's Aeronautical Center (31 December 2017 data). That number drops to 4.38% for Airline Transport Pilots.
Last year, when I was working on a travel and lifestyle blog, I asked Angee if I could interview her. We talked about flying and family and her journey with One Plane Jane. 
Thank you, Angee, for creating a brand and, even more so, a community, that shows girls and women that anything is possible. Together, as a community, we hope to make you proud, inspiring the next generation of female aviators and beyond.
Here is the interview, with a few updates.

Tell us about yourself.
I am 42. I have three kids (now adults!), and three dogs (a toy poodle, toy Schnoodle and a full-size Schnoodle). I am married to Kevin, who is awesome and my biggest supporter.

You've described One Plane Jane as an adventure. Tell us about it. What inspired you to create One Plane Jane?
After earning my Private Pilot License, I wanted a cool flight bag, but I couldn't find a feminine one. My husband, Kevin, told me, "You should make one." So I did. I learned how to make leather bags and bought an industrial sewing machine. I knew how to run a business, having owned and run an auto collision shop, but everything else was a huge learning curve in a new industry. I started the business with a friend, but later bought her share. I'm not really a shopper and had to learn all about apparel and accessories. My husband has been my inspiration, pushing me from the first flight bag. 

What is your favorite quote?
"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about." - Wendy Mass

What is a belief or behavior that has changed your life?
Realizing and accepting that I can only control myself. I struggled with grey and often looked at things as all or nothing. But nothing is all one way or another. You can't control other people; you can only control yourself. Shifting that mindset has made a big difference. Also, about five years ago, I got serious about fitness and felt absolutely amazing. 

What would you put on a billboard?
First Love Yourself.

What do you remember from your first solo? 
Freaked out! I was not expecting it. We were doing takeoffs and landings in the pattern, and, after three or four, my instructor told me to take her up to the ramp. She hopped out and told me to do three more landings on my own. It was my first time in an airplane by myself and I felt calm and peaceful. Once airborne, the freaking out was over. I had a task to do. I had to land. 

What is the biggest change in aviation since your first flight? 
No smoking! During my first passenger flight, when I was a kid, you could still smoke on the airplanes. Security has changed significantly. I have not noticed the female pilot statistics, but I have noticed more male flight attendants now.  

What advice would you give to a young woman who is interested in a traditionally male-dominant industry? 
I grew up in and then owned an auto-shop. I've gotten my hands quite dirty with home rehabs. Until aviation, it was never a big deal to be a woman in a male-dominant industry. I never felt like I was treated less for being a woman. Since flying, I have heard some less than kind and discouraging remarks. My advice - ignore them. You cannot control them. You cannot let them question for desire to fly! My husband is a pilot too. We both fly for fun.

What's the one thing you miss the most when traveling? 
My puppies.

Where will your next adventure take you? 

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