33 Reasons to Celebrate

Let’s celebrate: 

33. This community! Aviation connects the world and One Plane Jane connects its aviatrices...and more! 

32. Aviation. And five years of flying. 

31. Two full marathons. Goal is one per decade. Just because. Marine Corps Marathon, Washington, DC, in 2007. NYC Marathon in 2018. Which one should be next?

30. Good sense of humor, but really bad jokes! What did the chicken say to the librarian? Book book boo book!... And the frog? Read it. Read it. (Say it aloud. It’s funnier, I promise).

29. Friends. New and old. That includes you. 

28. Faith. Something that I am grateful for, but believe we could all, myself included, use more of. 

27. Freedom. Every time I travel, I celebrate my U.S. passport. As a young traveler, I’d said, a few times, that I was Canadian. Now I have great friends in Canada, but I am more proud than ever to say I am American. And I am ever so thankful for the men and women who serve to protect our freedom, allowing me to return to my parents and place of birth any time I want.

26. Family. All of them, especially mom and dad. I wouldn’t be writing (or doing) anything without them.

25. Good health. Part genetics, plus lots of choices, every day! 

24. Love for learning. I’m not sure exactly where this started, but I can definitely thank my Pop-Pop in heaven for teaching me to count on the way to preschool, as well as both of my parents for checking my homework every single night and even for making me write it again if my handwriting was crooked or repeating spelling words if I didn’t say the word, spell it, and say it again.

23. Reading. Both parents are avid readers, something that I hope to pass on to future kids, and I’m pretty sure I’ve taken a book with me everywhere since I was about eight. 

22. Curiosity. Quite certain I drove my parents nuts at one point when I questioned everything! But it’s so essential, to protect our freedom, to better our opportunities, and to appreciate what we have.

21. My teachers. For teaching and for making me ask questions. For not giving me an A, when I expected it, but making me a better writer and thinker because of it. For not letting me get away with anything, but helping me to figure it out. For preparing me for what was next, even if I did not know what that was.

20. Technology. This business would not exist without it. And being an expat is much easier when you can FaceTime mom and dad. 

19. Running water. Potable water at the turn of a faucet. And hot water! What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without a shower? It was a week for us in Nepal.    

18. Electricity. It’s nice to not have to take a flashlight to the bathroom at night.

17. Indoor plumbing. See above. It’s nice to be able to stay inside when nature calls in the middle of the night.

16. Conditioned air and central heating. Although I do not like to wear a sweater indoors in the summer because of extreme AC, I certainly appreciate the comfort of indoor climate control. 

15. Sidewalks. I’ve visited many countries where I’ve had to walk in the streets. Even in Egypt, I had to walk in the streets because the air conditioners dripped onto the sidewalks.

14. Our Earth. There is no Planet B. Thankful for having learned something everywhere we’ve travelled about how to better take care of our planet. Our cabinets are full of bamboo straws, reusable bags, and glass Tupperwares. 

13. My cats, Atlas and India. Because you really can’t be upset about much when you have a cat purring on your lap (happening now!) and you wake up to them sitting outside your bedroom door, ready to start the day!

12. Music and dancing. 13 years of ballet. 8 (I think) years of band. I may not be able to  sing on key, but I can tap my foot to any rhythm and love learning new choreography. It’s such a universal language!

11. Boardgames. Because even if you spill wine on Monopoly, you can keep playing.  

10. My in-laws. For choosing to love a strong-willed only child who didn’t know any Spanish four years ago. And for raising, supporting, and loving the man I am blessed to call my wingman. 

9. Spanish culture. For teaching me the importance of sitting down to enjoy a cup of coffee and for teaching me to always have enough food in the fridge for dinner whenever we invite friends for lunch!

8.  Home cooked meals. And also celebrating that Angel and I both grew up in families that enjoy cooking and are good at it! 

7. Sense of adventure. (Third trip to the Nepalese Himalayas this February!).

6. Our home. And being able to celebrate life, in it, with friends and family. 

5. Knowing the names of our neighbors, their kids, and their pets. 

4. One Plane Jane Ambassadors. I love watching this team connect with each other and their local communities. What an inspiring group of ladies! Stay tuned, we will be adding a few more to the team in the new year.

3. My wingman, Angel. He had me at, “I’ll be your wingman this weekend.”  

2. Relationships. Us. Angel and me and the world. We are made for relationships. They don’t all have to be romantic. But I truly believe we are not meant to do life alone. So whether it’s with a life partner, children, a close circle of friends, let’s celebrate each other.   

1. Today. We should all celebrate today, every day.


Tell us, in the comments, 3 things that you are celebrating! 

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