Spread Holiday Cheer

Complete at least 15 of these activities by the New Year and you will receive three free downloads: Goal Setting 101, Pilot Portions Recipe Book, and a Quick Start Fitness Plan.

You will also be entered to win one of several prizes. 

DM us or tag us for each act of holiday cheer.

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  1. Read a book to someone.
  2. Help a family member with a chore.
  3. Donate anything you haven’t worn in the past year.
  4. Call a distant relative just to say hello.
  5. Write and send handwritten holiday cards.
  6. Make or help make dinner.
  7. Bake cookies and taken them to your local FBO.
  8. Go for a walk and pick up all of the litter you see.
  9. Compliment someone without saying “You’re pretty.”
  10. Help an elderly neighbor decorate for the holidays.
  11. Take a mug of hot cocoa to someone ringing the Salvation Army bell.
  12. Turn an Instagram friend into a pen pal.
  13. Gift a night of babysitting to a friend or family so they can have an adult night out.
  14. Give up your spot in line.
  15. Go caroling in your neighborhood, at a children’s hospital,  or at a retirement home.
  16. Donate used books to your local library or hospital.
  17. Invite a classmate or colleague to participate in your hobby (flying, ice skating, etc).
  18. Collect used yoga mats for your local animal shelter.
  19. Leave a thank you note and some hand warmers for your mailman or woman.
  20. Donate food to a food pantry.
  21. Offer to help the single parent you encounter traveling.
  22. Happy Hanukkah! Bake cookies for your local fire/police department.
  23. Traveling? Bring some candy canes for the crew.
  24. Give the gift of a monthly donation to an NGO in the name of the gift’s recipient.
  25. Merry Christmas! Play board games with family and friends. Invite friends who are alone at the holidays.
  26. Happy Kwanza! Shovel snow for a neighbor.
  27. Make someone laugh.
  28. Volunteer with your favorite non-profit.
  29. What’s your side gig? Yoga instructor? Donate a class to raise money for a cause.
  30. Have a collection of hotel soaps and mini toothpastes? Donate to your local homeless shelter.
  31. Count your blessings and compliment yourself.

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