Summer Bucket List: 14 Ideas to Try This Season, including reading, music, and podcast lists

  1. Oshkosh! - Meg 
  2. Do something that scares you. Not in a terrifying way, but just something that gets you out of your comfort zone to try something new. - Emmy 
  3. Make a summer resolution – and keep it! For me, I’ve made a resolution to work out daily, no matter how crazy my days get. Other ideas could be to make your bed each morning, try meal prepping, spending more than one night a week with friends, or to fly into all of the local fly-ins. It should help you focus on your self-discipline during one of the more relaxed times of year. - Emmy 
  4. Explore New Cities – Summer is the best time to travel. This summer I’m planning trips to new cities. Not all of them will be big well-known places, but I’m looking forward to discovering the charm that I know can be found in exploring a new destination. - Karissa 
  5. Glamping – While I love old fashion camping; others are not as keen on the idea. This year I have organized a group ‘glamping’ trip with friends. This will include many outdoor activities but include the ease of not having to pack a tent or sleeping bag. However, roasting smores and covering ourselves in bug spray will still be a requirement. - Karissa.  
  6. Buy a new swimsuit. - Erika 
  7. Jump in a lake. - Erika
  8. Send postcards. - Christine 
  9. Eat local. - Christine 
  10. Use less plastic. At Oshkosh, we will be using paper bags for purchases. Better yet, bring your own or buy a handmade One Plane Jane bag.
  11. Make new friends. Online, say hello to our One Plane Jane Ambassadors. At Oshkosh, come meet us at Hangar B Booth 2119. At home, meet your neighbors.
  12. Get lost in a book (see reading list below)
  13. Sing in the car (see playlists below)
  14. Learn and get inspired with podcasts (see favorite episodes below)


Recommended Reading:

  • West With The Night - Beryl Markham
  • Circling The Sun - Paula McLain
  • The Wright Brothers - David McCullough - recommended by Beth
  • Cockpit Confidential - Patrick Smith
  • Sky Girls - Gene Nora Jessen - recommended by Claire
  • A Thousand Sky Sisters - Elizabeth Wein - recommended by Claire
  • A Higher Call - Adam Makos and Larry Alexander - recommended by Nikki
  • Devotion - Adam Makos - recommended by Nikki
  • Spark Your Dream - Candelaria Zapp and Herman Zapp 
  • Becoming - Michelle Obama 
  • The Geography of Bliss - Eric Weiner - recommended by The Reset Ritual
  • The Year of Living Danishly - Helen Russell
  • Finding My Virginity - Richard Branson
  • Rebirth - Kamal Ravikant 


Music Playlists:

  • Road Trip Sing Along (will make you wonder how you remember all the words!)
  • Travel Golden Hour (will keep you awake, but a bit more sensual for those low light hours)
  • Marathon (long enough for a 4-hour race; best played on shuffle)
  • Rooftop Yoga (one hour vinyasa yoga class with a mix of classic and modern, intended to be played in order)


Favorite Podcast Episodes:



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