The 7 Percent

These seven little girls represent 7% of pilots in the world who are female.


Travel Journalist Madison is quick to confirm in the first 30-seconds of the video, “Not everybody thinks girls can be a pilot, BUT WE CAN.”

Three of these girls are the daughters of One Plane Jane Ambassador and Delta Air Lines pilot, Erika. The other four are from Adventure Family Journal.


Adventure Family Journal is an American family of travel journalists - mom, dad, and four daughters - who are traveling for two years, to 50 countries, filming 500 videos, like this one, for families.  

Recently, Erika taught the girls about aviation at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, Washington, showing them that girls can be pilots. In fact, girls can do anything. 

Thank you, Erika, for being such a great role model. Thank you Adventure Family Journal for showing us the value of experiential learning, especially through travel.

Watch the video here and be sure to follow Erika and Adventure Family Journal.

Photo and video credit: Adventure Family Journal

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