Travel Like a Pilot

So you want to travel like a pilot? Here are 8 ways to live your best #PilotLife and #NonRevLife:
  1. Have your amenity kit ready to go. Staying in a hotel? Don’t bother packing shampoo and soap. It’ll be there for you. Have leftovers from the hotel (or from a first class amenity kit, if that’s the way you fly)? Bring those home and donate them to your local homeless shelters. Long term travel? Save the weight when you pack (see next point below) and hit the market when you arrive to get your shampoo.
  2. Carry-on only. Usually it’s one carry-on and one personal item (wheels or handles first in the overhead, please). Be resourceful. Choose a personal item for its utility throughout the entire duration of your travel. This is our favorite,  because it can go from an oversized tote-style purse, to grocery bag, to secure cross-body bag when you want to rent a bicycle to explore. It’s stretchy, comfy, and stylish. We also have two carry-on duffles you might like: this one in black and this one in brown. Or if you prefer wheels, we recommend Away. Click here for $20 off.  
  3. Pack for a PurposeCheck out their website before you fly to see if you can help a community in an underdeveloped area by bringing school and/or medical supplies. As they say: small space, little effort, big impact. 
  4. Hydrate. With water (just thought we should be specific there). And don’t pollute the environment please. Stop buying plastic water bottles today. Say no to plastic straws. Take an empty reusable water bottle through security and fill it up at the water fountain on the other side. We have some cute ones for you. Send us a photo of your next flight with our water bottles and we will send you an extra coupon. We are serious about this effort! Fly; Balloons; Pilot.
  5. Make friends with the flight attendants/cabin crew. Bring them a box of chocolates. Better yet, bring them a box of chocolates and include a handwritten thank you card. You might not get an upgrade (or maybe you will; that’s their decision and policy), but you will certainly get lots of love. Best of all, you’ll have made their day a little sweeter. Get it? 
  6. Want to sit in the cockpit? Become a pilot. Or make friends with a pilot of general aviation. Or be an airline employee non revving in South America or Europe, where many (though not all) airlines allow employees and dependents (though not young children) to jump seat. Or be an airline employee or dependent on a ferry flight. 
  7. Log it. Pilots log the details of every flight. Our good friend, Katie, at The Reset Ritual, created The Discover Journal, a mindful travel journal to beautifully bind your plans, self-discovery, and memories, before, during, and after your travels. Order yours for your next big adventure. 
  8. Last, but certainly not least, take advantage of great discounts. Stay longer because you save more. Just for reading this, you can sign-up for an account with ID90 Travel and get travel industry exclusive deals on hotels, cars, cruises, resorts, and more. Not sure where you want to go, but want to have an adventure? You don’t have to spin the globe. Just check out their deals around the world and pick your destination. Plus get $10 off your first hotel stay when you sign-up with our link. Click here to create your free account today

Comment below and tell us how you travel!


Disclosure: ID90 and Away links are affiliate links, meaning when you save, we save. But rest assured, we only promote what we support 110%. 


  • Posted by David Allen on

    These are great. I’m especially fond of number 5. I’ve been doing it for years. I don’t always get the upgrade (nor do it do it with that expectation), but I always get to be one bright spot in the day for a crew dealing with difficult travel days (and often difficult pax).

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